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From 08th June to 10th September 2016

True visual memory, Pierrot Men shows in his photographs all the delicacy, beauty and tragedy of the Big Island, at the crossroads between Asia and Africa.

FRAGMENTS by David Delruelle

From 25th March to 21st May 2016

" I felt a huge force in the minimalism and aesthetic of a simple ripped-off picture confronted to white paper. This white space in which the fragment stands is essential. I see it as a line, an invisible drawing. The ripped part of the picture is the frontier between the concrete of the photographed subject and the abstraction of the white paper, which can be seen as a door that leads to fragments of memories. The act of tearing a picture is usually associated to moments we want to forget, or people we’re mad at – it’s a destructive action. This is how torn pictures are seen in the collective psyche. I found it amusing to notice that tearing up an image can in fact also turn out to be a very creative process, in which you can discover unexpected meaning. I saw poetry in the randomness of the process and in the pictures themselves. I wanted these fragments to be apprehended as haphazard, familiar moments or situations to which everyone can relate in their own personal manner."

Laetitia Plinguet

From 15th January to 27th February 2016.

Painter and sculptor, graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes in Paris, Laetitia Plinguet is also a passionate rider, who draws all his inspiration from horses.

As we remove the harness of a horse before release, she seeks freedom in his features and volumes that can illustrate the essence of these animals while still vibrating and moving.

Her work  suggests the horse essence through blending different techniques such as oil, acrylic and pastels; she created her own style in order to express and share her passion for horses.

She has shown her works in many Art Galeries in Paris and many prestigious places such as La Garde Républicaine, Les Haras Nationaux (National Studs), Le Polo de Paris, Deauville's Racetrack and many personal exhibitions in International and National jumping and dressage events.

WAROPOLY by Anthony Morabito

From 21st November to 31st December 2015.

With "Waropoly" Anthony Morabito turns the most famous game in the world. There is no more question of real estate transactions but military affairs of the greatest army, the US's one ...

"Through my work, I play around our symbols, our fake divinities and our familiar objects in order to shed on them a more revealing and striking light, one closer to my perception of our civilization and of how it has been, and is still being built, lead, driven and motioned. I explore my favorite themes with the sense of humor of a curious child repurposing his toys – geopolitics, history, technology, the environment and, more sporadically, sex."

Marie-Laure Gérard-Bécuwe

From 17th september til 24th October 2015.

Espace Sablon invites you to discover the meticulous and delicate work of the sculptor Marie-Laure Gérard-Bécuwe.

Using the technique of lost wax, the artist shapes figures of bronze in a symbolic universe that sometimes seems anecdotal but still remains poetic.

Marci Collection

Discover a selection of historic prints which reviews a century of Belgian lifestyle.

From 29th April to 29th August 2015.

The Marci collection brings together posters printed at l’Imprimerie Marci, but also prints from around the world.

If the posters are designed to be ephemeral, the Marci collection wants them immortal.

Carefully selected and framed, they find a second life.

It’s with the desire to share a story that is part of the Belgian and international heritage and a love for the posters, that gradually the collection was developed.

The selection featured is focused on Belgium and consists of many posters covering different aesthetic movements signed by big names such as Fernand Toussaint, Paul Colin, Julian Key, Magritte,...

Jean Coulon

From 26th September to 20th December 2014.

Born in Brussels in 1947, Jean studied drawing and printmaking at the Ecole d'Art de la Cambre, specializing in the techniques of engraving on copper (burin engraving, drypoint and mezzotint) and wood engraving.

With a fine technique, he makes prints that are a product of his teeming imagination.  His love for detail results in an absurdistic and surrealistic reality on canvas.

His last engravings depict large parades in which humans seem overwhelmed by machines, musical instruments like a saxophone or a trumpet or prosthesis, combined with drunkenness or suffering from human megalomania, unbridled creative fantasies,...

Jean Coulon's work has been exhibited both in Belgium and abroad.


From 25th January till 24th May 2014.

Amigo (alias of this artist from the world of Street Art and Graffiti ) was born in Marseille and came to live in Brussel. He develops from the start a style and an iconography of its own.

His paintings are neither gestures nor quick : it applies to a specific narrative iconography execution and rich in detail .The characters portrayed are symbolic and mark early creative originality of this artist.


Toots Thielemans limited edition by MeisterSinger

From the 25th October to 28th December 2013.

The fermata, the pause symbol in musical notation, is part of the logo of MeisterSinger, it stands for the brand's relaxed approach to time.

For its new limited edition MeisterSinger chose one of the greatest harmonica player of the 20th Century : Toots Thielemans


From the 17th July to 28th December 2013.

Wednesday - Saturday 11AM - 6PM

Discover for the first time in Belgium the whole collection of MeisterSinger watches and 40 fine exemplars of Victorinox Swiss Army watches.

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by Etienne de Fleurieu

From the 17th to 27th April 2013.

Prolongation of the exhibition till May 18th

Visits by appointment:

On the occasion of Brussels Art Week, Espace Sablon will feature the work of Etienne de Fleurieu. A modern alchemist who turns dynamic violence into understated art, Etienne de Fleurieu uses the explosive power of the gunshot to transcend the two-dimensional medium, making it explode into the third dimension.Shotgun Symphony reveals hundreds of bullet holes, each transformed into musical notes by a delicate crochet drawing.

Philibert Delecluse

From January the 10th to February the 16th 2013

Opening in the presence of the artist on 09.01.2013

Presence to confirm by mail:

Philibert Delécluse is a lover of ancient painting, cartoon and contemporary art. His work consits in developing small fables made from models, photographs and paintings with the help of which he explores, at a distance, his relationship with the world.


Eric de Ville

From November 29th

On the occasion of Nocturnes du Sablon, Espace Sablon features the work and the latest photographic compositions of the artist Eric de Ville.

Alongside his work as a photographer for luxury houses , Eric de Ville has tried in his laboratory to manipulate images.

His photographic approach is inspired by the tradition of Flemish painting with attention to details, light and materials.

Though the  "pictorial" technique of Eric de Ville is contemporary and controlled as each composition is made ​​from hundreds or thousands of independent shots.

These compositions reveal a virtual reality with wonderful, fantastic, reflection and humor.